25 Ideas To Make This Valentine's Day Memorable

January 12, 2018

25 Ideas To Make This Valentine's Day Memorable

Keep love in your heart.

A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

Oscar Wilde

Yeah of course, you love your better half!  But what’s the use keeping the sweetest feeling in your heart?  Tell your spouse those 3 magical words-“I Love You” this Valentine season, with one of these 25 ideas:

1. Kiss me

-Fill a red bag with every kind of kiss, written on parchment of papers you can think of. Ask your sweetheart to take one piece of paper every time and you give her or him the kiss written about.

2. An appreciation booklet

- Make a small booklet about all the wonderful things you like about your spouse. Give it to her or him on the Valentine's day.

3. A love hunt

- Make your spouses go on a love hunt, answering riddles, by availing clues all round the town. It will be fun filled way and the manner in which each riddle unfolds into a special gift.

Beautifully packed in heart shape box this soap flowers set is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day

4. Rekindle the love

- A candlelight dinner, followed by a romantic movie and some perfumed oil to pursue homemade massage. Rekindle the love this special night.

5. A surprise getaway

- Book the tickets, pursue reservation for accommodation and surprise your spouse with a complete plan of surprise getaway.

6. A dozen roses

- Gift your spouse with one dozen roses. And on each rose stem, write a note for some sort of future date or an event you would love to attend together.

7. The first date memory

- Go on a date with your better half, to the restaurant you enjoyed your first date. And, then both of you jot down some memories from the previous years. It will be like reliving those days.

8. Love poem

- Have roses delivered to your wife. It should be equal to the number of years you two have spent together. And, with the last rose deliver it yourself and recite a poem.

9. Box of love

- Fill the box with helium balloons and some special romantic gifts, like nightgown, sleep shorts, candles, chocolate and a romantic CD.

10. Family valentine

- From a takeout restaurant, order food and arrange a nice picnic for the Valentines in your family, in your living room. This is a beautiful way to value a family and loving marriage.

11. Wild

- Watch a romantic movie on your patio, however, also do make sure of the privacy and weather.

12. Long distance relationship

- Send a care package with all the lovely things in red if you are miles away from each other.

13. Love meal

- Make a meal which reciprocates love sign, like a heart shaped cake, salad served in a heart shaped bowl, etc.

14. Intimate

- Cook together and then dance with a soft romantic number. Rest, love will take care of!

15. Heart candies

- Make heart candies and hide them in your spouse’s shoes, car, coat and the like.



16. Surprise

- Surprise your spouse at the parking lot of his office, take him for lunch and believe it, he won’t like to get back to his office again, that day!

17. Love jar

- Fill a jar with Valentine candy and notes for your love. Each note should have some special lines.

18. Take an off

- Take an off from your office, and have a lazy morning, enjoy breakfast together and later enjoy lunch at a restaurant.

19. Poem

- Pen down a poem for your sweetheart and frame it. Tug it on the wall, or simply gift her.

20. Note cards

- Make a number of note cards, and write about it why you love your better half so much. And, then insert each with a photo, and make an album to gift her.

21. Hershey kisses

- When your spouse comes back from work, place a trail of Hershey kisses from the welcome sign to your bedroom. In the meanwhile, get ready for a romantic night!

22. Surprise

- Surprise your spouse by gifting her with a bouquet of roses at her workplace. However, to ensure it works well, do take the required permission from the boss.

23. 14 reasons

- Make the favorite breakfast of your spouse. Ornate it with a letter listing 14 reasons I Love you.

24. Town

-  This will need little more hard work, but will be worth the diligence. Send a card which has been postmarked in a town which goes by some sort of romantic name, like Valentine, Texas, Romance or Loveland.

25. Secret

-  As soon as your spouse hits the bed, attach some love tape notes to the steering of his car, ornate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses.

At least, now you can’t say that you were short of ideas. So, couples enjoy the season of love! Happy Valentine Day!

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