5 Questions That Will Make You Feel Peaceful and Complete

May 10, 2017

5 Questions That Will Make You Feel Peaceful and Complete

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” Buddha 

The reason why most people who try to look for happiness within them fail to see it is because they are misinterpreting the truth that the pointer of “look within” points to.

Remember that you must not mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself. So don’t take the pointer so literally and instead look at what it’s actually pointing to.

When spiritual teachers talk about finding happiness within, they are simply stating that joy cannot be obtained by seeking “externally” but by resolving the inner conflicts and resistance. When you free yourself of your inner resistance patterns, you automatically fall into joy, which is your natural state of being.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself to discover your true inner-nature, all on your own, from deep within you and realize everything you need is already here.

1. How I wish no change was needed in me? What if my perfection carried me the same way as now? What if nothing in me needed to be fixed?

That’s right a lot of inner works are to be done within one self. Creating self-awareness, a growth, a change and healing are the most important of all. But unfortunately many people try to avoid doing these inner works that is essential for one self to learn as well as grow in life. But it becomes hard for us to believe that wrong in us. We find excuses and blame it to be an inherent problem with us. We find ways to be a better person and think that that’s not enough. We try getting hold of things that would help us be a better person.

All these sway us from knowing what we are in actual. Accepting them as they, know ones’ own value is what one has to find.

2. What if I had not punished my own self to teach myself a lesson?

Since childhood days we have been told that if we do something that is not correct or is bad then we have to punish ourselves. If we ever pulled our sisters’ hair what we got was a scolding from our parents as it was wrong. But now the question arises that what if these lessons would have had been inculcated with good and kind words?  If bashing my head was not the only solution to make me realize my mistakes?

inner peace

3. What if apologies were not to be made?

Every human makes mistakes and it is a good gesture to be sorry to show respect for the wrong we did. But what if without a mistake you have to apologize? But is it really possible to keep the sorry words rolling always even after not being wrong or for unavoidable mistakes? Human do make mistakes and that’s how they learn.

4. What to do if what is needed by me is already present there?

What if whatever you are trying to seek is already present within me? What if I listen to my heart and do not out spoke or shared it to anyone?  What if the enlightened me is already there beyond the sight of your eyes?

As Buddha says that the countermeasure or the remedy to the detrimental expression within us has a direct connection with the heart. Its beyond the realization that our heart is full of life, radiant as well as alive.

5. What if figuring out all was not at all required by me?

What if I had not to bother about what is meant? Did it make any sense at all or not?

What if I made life my teacher to take me the way it wants and guide me?

It is only when we listen to the our intuition and blindfolded trust the flowering path, only then we can find the real us.

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