Do You Know How To Catch Your Dreams?

May 14, 2017

Do You Know How To Catch Your Dreams?

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

Dreams connect you to the outer world, and connect you with the higher self. This weird phenomena has always been interesting not only for the researchers but also for the people in general. The conversations with the higher self happens not in the waking hours but, only in a dream. Carl Jung posits a path to decipher the this phenomena, where he believes that the rich characters whom we encounter can lead us best to extract the meaning of our dreams.

To tap into the powerful portals of the divine through your dreams, you can follow some ways. Set an intention, as the universe  can only act in accordance with what we directly command. Keep a dream journal to record your dreams as soon as you can. To interpret your dream personally, go back to the jottings and see what is transpired. Once you see the characters and themes, you can readily understand them.

Crystals For Dreaming


A crystal under your pillow will aid in the retention and recall of your dreams. They also have other benefits:

Amethyst – The stone of crown chakra, and a gentle crystal which aids in restful sleep

Ametrine – Helps in connecting with the highest self

Azurite – 3rd eye opener and can bring back the past life memories

Quartz – Helps in dream recall

Modlavite – Aids lucid dreams

Dream Guide Meditation

Breathe deeply into your belly while closing your eyes.

See yourself under the blanket of velvety stars in the night sky.

After you see a crystal platform at a distance, request that a Dream Guide join you.

Spend time with him and ask how this partnership would unfold, and when you are done, thank him. Also commit to invoking this guide nightly.


Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are the pretty decorations hanging from walls and rear view mirrors. It looks much like a spider’s web and is said to catch the nightmares. The use of this sacred objects is well documented. These are handmade and created for specific persons in mind. Made from sinews, or plant fibers, and hung over sleeping children to catch bad dreams, the tradition began with the Obijway Native Americans.


How To Make Your Own Dream Catcher

It is always good to craft your own object of power for your nighttime journeys:

1 – Gather Sacred Items

Traditional dream catchers include bone, feathers, crystals and beads, and they are light weight, so avoid heavy objects.

2 – Choose The Frame

To frame this, you will need a 2-6 foot length of pliable material. Remember that the gathered items should feel important to you.

3 – Weave The Hoop

Weaving the sinew through the hoop, is perhaps the most important ritualistic step. All myths carry stories of weavers. Weaving is the act of creating the web of time. While you weave your hoop, hold your intention close to your heart and chant your selected mantra.


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