Earth's Hidden Energies: The Most Powerful Places

September 15, 2017

Earth's Hidden Energies: The Most Powerful Places

There are places on Earth, where you can feel high energy concentrations, originating from magnetic, spiritual, or sometimes unknown sources. These spots are called vortexes/vortices.  Additionally they are considered to be gateways or portals to other realms, both spiritual and dimensional.

Many vortexes have been shown to be associated with Ley Lines (hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths) and have been found to be extremely strong at node points where the lines cross.

Most of the major vortex areas on Earth like the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Stonehenge in England are well documented, in the same time there are some lesser known but not less powerful.

Some research suggests vortexes can be labeled according to the direction of the energy flow: the outward flow - yang, and the inward flow - yin. In Chinese cosmology, yin and yang are two opposite but complementary principles that regulate the functioning of the universe. The earth we live on is yin, and the sun that brings us warmth is yang. A woman is yin, and a man is yang. Sadness is yin, while joyfulness is yang. Generally, yin is passive, oppressed and feminine. Yang, on the other hand, is active, bright and masculine.

yin yang

Managing yin yang is something that we have to do all the time to enjoy vibrant health, to stay happy and fulfilled.

There are many ways to balance yin and yang energies. Various research suggest it is enough to connect to certain locations to pick up and merge with specific vibrations presently needed for your stabilisation and healing. Once you physically have visited these special spots their frequencies can live within you, even if you are on the other side of the planet.

 The following descriptions are brief overviews of the Earth’s most powerful energetic places.

Ancient monoliths

There are two big secrets contained in the massive stone monolithic structures that are found around the world, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids. One involves the wisdom and messages from the ancient civilisations, another is about the healing and consciousness expanding energies.

ancient sites

Sacred structures of all kinds were located near running waterways: which are zones of natural static electricity.  The monolithic structures soak up the ambient static charge, and this ‘energy’ is then transferred as a healing charge to a gathering of believers who worship their deity amidst the stone monolith altars.  A sacred rite with burning candles served to increase the effectiveness of the healing energy transfer.  Not only were waterways a source for food, irrigation and sanitation for ancient communities. Those supposed primitive societies already had advanced knowledge about the healing properties of stone monoliths and ambient static electricity generated by running water.

Some physical experiments proved that Earth energy pattern charges the stones with energy which is then transmitted throughout the monument. This form of megalithic energy which is absorbed into our auric fields can be easy detected with the hands. Spending more than hour in the area of megalithic structure can fully restore your aura. 

Machu Picchu

Located in the Amazon Rain Forrest of Peru, Machu Picchu is one of the 7 wonders of the World and home of the ancient Inca civilization.  Known as “the lost city”, Machu Picchu is one of the many energy vortices acknowledged by metaphysicist. Visiting this mysteriously beautiful place has been a transformational experience for many travelers.

machu piccu

Someone visiting Machu Picchu should expect to have a heightened sensitivity to energy. An energy vortex is a geographic location on the metaphysical map that holds an amplified amount of energy. Your vibrations and frequency will begin to match the surrounding energy. This could be extremely overwhelming for an Empath, so double down on protection. Machu Picchu is one of the most spiritually aligning places to visit because it opens and resonates with all of the chakras.

Stone labyrinths

Labyrinths are ancient patterns found all over the world. They are of many types sharing a single overall design. Their origin is as mysterious and their uses are as varied as their patterns are. In the Middle Ages, walking a cathedral labyrinth was a substitute for going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Not everyone could make the long and arduous journey to the Holy Land, so walking a labyrinth in a church was a devotional activity. Today meandering labyrinths are often used as walking meditations, to focus the mind and put the walker in tune with the greater reality metaphorically represented by the labyrinth.

stone labyrinth

Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways and have been found at the entrance of ancient sites around the world. Often located at the center of subtle ‘earth energies’ these temples enhance, balance, regenerate and confirm our unity with the cosmos.

A type of labyrinth known as a Yantra was used as a meditation by Hindu midwives to assist in childbirth and served as a means of relaxation for the birth canal, another labyrinthine form. (read more)

Wetland (marshes and swamps)


Naturally marshes absorb wave energy and reduce the power of the waves, what can be beneficial on estuarine shorelines. Any wetland absorb all the energy around to convert into new performances. That is why it is not recommended to live on or near different kind of wetlands, swamp lands, artificial lakes. However, this natural phenomena can be beneficial for those who wish to remove heavy clouds of negative energy from your aura (energy field). All you need to do just spend some time walking in wetland area and try to clear your mind.

Religious temples

All kind of religious temples: mosques, basilicas, cathedrals, synagogues, churches, these buildings abound around the world evoking awe, reverence, and grandeur. Said to have been built to the glory of God, as a link between God and Man, as houses of worship, as structures for religious and spiritual activities, and as a place of rest and refuge, humans throughout history have created a space for divine. In every tradition, creating a space for divine  has become a part of their culture.

religious temples

Temples provide the opportunity for transformation towards a higher consciousness. By experiencing God in an outer form through worship, temples and the deities act as a vehicle or bridge for inner transformation.

The dome structure (of a temple) is created to hold the energy. It is almost like a battery. It is believed  if you can hold one lightning bolt, if you can store one lightning bolt in a battery, if you have some battery or method to store one lightning, you can supply electricity for any city for more than one year. 

Visiting  temple, a church, prayer groups or spiritual gatherings reinforces the desire to move forward spiritually.

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