Ethnic Fashion: Cultural Adaptation

October 29, 2018

Ethnic Fashion: Cultural Adaptation

Fashion is a blend of art, craft, designing and so much more, that is never limits exploration, thus ethnic fashion has a lot to explore.

Recently the term "ethnic" has become a marketing tool for the ready-to-wear brands and accessories. While these great brands often associate the "ethnic" with the colored and motley, it is enough to look at the root of the word - from the Greek ethnikosethnos, race - to understand its meaning. The use of the adjective "ethnic" would thus be said of what belongs to the ethnic group: "A human society known to be homogeneous, founded on the conviction of sharing a common origin and an effective community of language, and more generally, of culture "- Definition taken from the Larousse.

The reasons why you should choose ethnic wear

  • Authenticity and the superb quality of manufacture

Adopted in small touches, the ethnic style gives character to an outfit and is distinguished from other accessories and clothing because of its authenticity and the quality of its manufacture.

The ethnic style can be adopted by fetching the clothes and accessories directly from craftsmen of the world renowned for their knowledge-make.

Rather than opting for so-called ethnic accessories, manufactured in large-scale industrial quantities, turning to ethnic handicrafts is a great alternative. The quality of artisanal products is clearly superior to industrial products: the choice of materials, the manufacturing techniques but also the working conditions of craftsmen producing the products are all arguments in favor of ethnic handicrafts.

  • A great way to contribute to craftsmen community

Moreover, by choosing a craft product, the artisans are also allowed to supplement their often meagre incomes, and you encourage the transmission of their ancestral know-how to the new generations.

  • No limitations applied

The fact that there is a chance to look more beautiful in ethnic wear than in any westren attracts a lot of women towards it. There are no limitations and no laws applied, it is not necessary to wear short to look good etc.

Ethnic Dresses

High slit kurtis and kaftans look very classy and elegant. High slits make you look taller and thus give you a sturdy look. If you want to wear a kaftan dress, yet you do not want to appear very showy and end up getting a lot of attention, then you better opt for a simple but fashionable kaftan dress.

Nowadays, kaftan dresses are available in different styles and designs. Depending on the style that you will go for, the dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. What’s great about the kaftan is that women of all shapes and sizes can wear it.

 ethnic dress

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Ethnic Bags

A perfect ethnic fashion look is one in which there is matching accessories as ethnic bags and jewellery added to it. Carrying an ethnic bag or unusual bag with your matching outfit will definitely give you a fabulous look. Part from comfy design many ethnic bags featuring famous symbols of spirituality like OM, Yin Yang, peace symbol and other significant symbols and signs which are widely used in Feng Shui practice.

ethnic bags

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Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic or cultural jewellery possesses a magical quality that can transform a simple outfit from drab to sophisticated in an instant. The addition of an exotic statement necklace or some cool stacking rings, to even a basic outfit of jeans and a white shirt, can upgrade a look to one that is chic and well traveled. Ethnic jewellery pieces not only enhance your appearance but also convey an appreciation for the craftsmanship and design of distant cultures.

ethnic jewellery

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Ethnic bags, dresses and jewellery allows to stay on-trend, while also honouring the work of artisans from remote countries around the world.

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