Healing Art: Science Behind Essential Oils And Digestive Health

June 29, 2017

Healing Art: Science Behind Essential Oils And Digestive Health

Are you facing some serious issues with your gut? Often we blame our faulty dietary habits and wrong lifestyle for all bowel-related concerns. We seek help from our doctors, pop some pills to relieve our pain. However, at times alternative medicine like aromatherapy and essential oils come to our rescue. Essential oils and other natural remedies play an important role when the other alternatives fail.

Essential oils are extracted from different parts of plants including the petals, roots and the leaves. These oils help in addressing a spectrum of health concerns and offer both emotional and physical relaxation. Every drop of essential oil contains around 500 different compounds from the plant. Essential oils are various types of oil with a different chemical structure.

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Essential Oils and Digestive System

We associate good digestive health to eating habits. However, many other things contribute to maintaining a healthy gut. The gastrointestinal system, also known as the digestive tract consists of the digestive system, mouth, stomach, pancreas and other small organs. If our gut stays healthy, our overall health is maintained. Any little disruption in the gut like indigestion can lead to improper absorption of nutrients, and the rest of the body organs start malfunctioning.

In recent years, much emphasis has been put on the importance of gut health, with experts now revealing the gastrointestinal system is more than the body’s primary site of taking in and absorbing nutrients, but is also a communication center to and from the brain. It also functions as one of the body’s primary centers for fighting diseases, and has even been referred to as “the second brain.”

The Pit In Your Stomach is Actually Your Second Brain 

secind brain

The sense of smell is yet another primary sense of humans. When there is food in front of us the aroma of the food uplifts our mood, and the brain is triggered to send a message of the urge to eat. The olfactory sense or the sense of smell has to be stimulated to trigger the parasympathetic state during meals. The parasympathetic state helps in relaxing our mind when we experience extreme stress levels.

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Essential oils help to stimulate the parasympathetic state by reaching the brain through the nasal pathways and this process is known as rest and digest state. The nerve endings in the skin connect the parasympathetic state to the nervous system as well to offer a complete “feel-good” feeling.

According to researchers, when lavender oil is applied topically or locally, the components stayed in the blood system for almost 90 minutes. Using lavender oil behind the earlobe enhances digestion process. Aromatherapy or usage of essential oils is certainly beneficial for your overall health. However, it is not a replacement for healthy lifestyle choices like good diet and exercise. It is most effective to bring down anxiety and stress levels.

Essential Oils for Gut Comfort

Some oils are mainly meant to relieve upset stomach, calm spasms, alleviate nausea and support the entire digestive system. Other oils aid in reducing gas and constipation issues.

Here is a list of essential oils to address everyday issues:

•    Fennel, Ginger and Cardamom oil lends laxative support. Rubbing it gently on the abdomen will work wonders.

•    Tarragon and Patchouli oil act as anti-spasmodic and offers normal bowel function. Use soft massage strokes to apply this oil over the abdomen.

•    Lemon and Peppermint oil helps in normalizing acid balance in the gut. Drink 8 oz of water with one drop of this oil.

 •    Peppermint, Ginger, Lavender, Basil and Anise oil helps in relieving general stomach upset. Drink 8 oz of water and add one drop of any of these oils. Massaging one to three drops of this oil over the abdomen also helps.

•    Ginger, Peppermint and Fennel oil helps in relieving occasional gas. Drink 8 oz of water with one drop of any of this oil. Applying over the abdomen in a gentle massage is also a great idea.

•    Clove and Lemongrass oil control the build-up of unwanted sugars in your digestive track. Add a drop of this oil to your food.

 Essential oils work best when you take action as soon as your system starts giving clues. It is important to catch the first clue and resolve it at the earliest.


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