How Can You Use Buddha And Hindu Statues To Improve The Flow Of Qi In Your Home?

March 16, 2019

How Can You Use Buddha And Hindu Statues To Improve The Flow Of Qi In Your Home?

The Feng Shui concept is based on living in harmony with nature. As a result, there are common sense elements that will make your living or working space more serene and peaceful. The most important aspect is the benefit which cannot be seen with the naked eye. This elusive element is positive energy, also known as “chi energy”  or "qi energy". As such to encourage the flow of positive energy one must create a fertile ground in mind, body and speech.

What Is Qi Energy?

Qi is a Chinese concept that can be summed up as a life force that permeates the whole of existence. As a result, it is similar to a number of concepts in a number of cultures, with examples ranging from the Greek pneuma to the Hindu prana. With that said, it is important to note that qi must flow for people to exist in a harmonious manner in their surroundings. Otherwise, qi can became stagnant, thus bringing bad luck, bad health, and a host of other problems on the people in the vicinity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interested individuals have been known to use a wide range of items to encourage the flow of qi through their homes as well as their businesses.

Can You Use Buddha Statues to Improve the Flow of Qi in Your Home?

buddha statue

For instance, Chinese people have been known to use glass Buddha statues, see no evil Buddha statues, Buddha head shaped lamps and oil burners, statues with various Buddha hand gestures, and a wide range of other Buddha-related products and Buddha art for beneficial purposes. After all, Chinese religious traditions are very syncretistic in the sense that most people see no problems with paying their respects to Confucian exemplars, Daoist immortals, Buddhist figures, and more besides. With that said, Buddha statues can see use in this context for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, people use Buddha statues to ask for grace, as shown by Medicine Buddha statue meaning. Other times, people might not want anything more than just a general sense of auspiciousness from such images. Summed up, it should be clear that there isn't a single answer to the question of, "What is the meaning of Buddha statue?" though the answers are always auspicious in some manner.

Regardless, interested individuals can choose a number of places to put their Buddha statues. For instance, it is popular for people to put them at the front door so that they can keep out evil influences while setting the right tone for the building as a whole. Other examples range from work spaces for good luck, rest areas for better relaxation, and even the southeast corner for wealth building when the statue is Happy Buddha rather than one of the other candidates.

Statues of Hindu Deities

By this point, some people will be curious about whether they can use statues or artworks depicting Hindu deities for the same purpose. There is no universal answer for this particular question, but if Buddha statues can be used to bring good luck, it seems reasonable to assume that figurines of Hindu deities can serve much the same purpose.


ganesha elephant head

Ganesha is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. He plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.

After all, the story of how Ganesha got elephant head is a classic for a good reason. As a result, if interested individuals want to put a statue that reminds them of the story of Ganesha elephant head, altars and other places of prominence make good choices. With that said, interested individuals might also want to put statues reminiscent of Ganesha in the same places that they would put Buddha statues for much the same reasons.

Ganesha can be especially helpful for:

  • Any big or small endeavor in which you want to succeed.
  • Writing and artistic projects.
  • Seeking wisdom before making a big decision such as deciding whether to leave a job or change careers.
  • Any situation where an obstacle is preventing you from success.
  • Cultivating a peaceful household. Ganesha is loving and polite, yet strong.


dancing shiva

Lord Shiva is a deity that is both generous and fearsome because of his power.

Statues and idols of Lord Shiva typically have flames, which represents the world’s destruction so that it rebuilds itself again. There is also a demon dwarf—the symbol for the ignorance and ego of humans, which Shiva has defeated in order to attain true wisdom.

Because of Shiva’s strong energy, better to make sure the chosen idol compliments your energy. A sitting Shiva is calm while a dancing Shiva is strong and vigorous.

It is recommended not to place a Shiva statue at the workplace because his powerful energy is too strong to be the office. According to the Ayurvedic science of architecture or Vastu, the ideal place for Hindu Deity idols is at the northeast corner of your home. Do not place this statue near the foot of your bed or under anything such as a clothesline. The most appropriate placement of a Hindu statue such as a Shiva idol is on an altar table.

As for other pieces such as, say, Lord Shiva artwork, insufficiently adorned walls can be a surprisingly good option as well.


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