How To Create Your Mini Garden

October 04, 2018

How To Create Your Mini Garden

Not many of us have a garden or a lot of free space on the window sills to store beautiful flowers. And many of us do love plants, but don't really like to take care of them. This is the time when gardening under the glass or so called mini garden is a perfect solution, as it doesn't demand a lot of space and requires minimum of care. Plus, you can easy do it by yourself and here is exactly how.

Choose the glass container.

It should be quite deep for the flower's roots. You can buy a new one or use something like an old aquarium, decorative glass globe, vase, teapot, bottle or even a soup bowl.

Choose yours here

terrarium mini garden

Choose the plant.

You may use any kind of low-maintenance plants and it is advised to choose few with common features so they could grow together. The most common plants for such mini gardens are ferns, moss, cactus, succulents and the others.

In order to design your own garden, you will need such items, as:

Ground. Easy one with a lot of drainage, preferably containing moss.
Gravel stones. If you put these items on the bottom – you will provide a perfect drainage, but if you apply on top of the garden, it will look more neat and elegant.
Absorbent carbon. If there are no drainage holes on the bottom of the glass container, absorbent carbon is a must.
Moss. If you put one layer of moss on the bottom, it will serve you as a sponge, soaking extra moisture.
Decorations. Here is all up to your imagination, you may use shells, stones, statues or special aquarium décor.

How to plant:

First, wash the container and rinse it properly.
Add drainage: mix gravel stones with a lot of absorbent carbon and put the mixture on the bottom around 2.5 cm high.
Add the moss line. It will prevent the ground from falling between the stones and will also absorb the moisture.
Add the ground. The amount will depend on the plants you've chosen and the length of their roots, but usually around 5-8 cm. Press the ground and make few holes where you are going to place the plants.
Plant the plants into prepared holes, press the ground around and add decorations.
Water a bit your mini garden.

As it was mentioned before, you don't really need to take much care, but watering plants sometimes is essential. If you see some sick plants or grass, remove it. And give some fresh air from time to time, especially if your mini garden is closed.
Add a stylish touch to your house with this beautiful and easy trick!

Bonsai Garden

To grow a bonsai it’s not only about gardening, it is also has a therapeutic value, plus enables patience and fortitude and it’s a great activity for relaxing purposes. 

bonsai seeds

A bonsai can be with you until the end of your days. In fact, ancient Chinese believed that those who could take care of a miniature tree for a long time got eternity granted for their soul. For them a tree could be the connection between the holy and the human, between heaven and earth.

Growing Bonsai from tree seeds can be very rewarding and gives you full control from the earliest stage possible. 

Growing Bonsai from seed, step by step:

1. First apply a layer of a coarse, water draining substrate, like lava rock or grit.

2. Next, add a layer of standard Bonsai soil.

3. Purchase or collect tree seeds and check if they need scarification or stratification. That mostly depends on the tree species you select to grow.

4. Place the seeds on the soil, leave some room between the seeds.

5. Add a top layer of standard Bonsai soil, about an inch (2 centimeter) is enough.

6. The soil is added and we use our fingers to compact the soil a bit.

7. Finally, water thoroughly. Keep the seed bed slightly moist from now on.


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