Sacred Waters: Mystery of Healing Wells

March 07, 2018

Sacred Waters: Mystery of Healing Wells

Magic healing water has been found in nature at only a few specific locations though ought the world. These so called “miracle healing” water sources have been discovered in Great Britain, Ukraine, France, Mexico.  Large numbers of people from all over the world wait in line almost every hour of every day to obtain some of this “magical healing water” and experience the healing miraculous effect.

It is believed that a holy well possesses strange powers: some of them are classed as healing wells, others are said to bring prosperity, happiness and good luck. Wells are one of the oldest religion symbol and once upon a time the yore worshiped by many ancient cultures. People once took this matters very seriously and travelled great distances in order to visit the appropriate well to be cured of their ailment or in hope of bringing about some change in their luck and future prosperity. But do the waters really have divine healing powers?

Perhaps some of those visitors had psychosomatic illnesses, a sickness brought on by the mind, that was “cured” by simply believing in the powers of the well. Another explanation is the placebo affect, where a patient’s condition can be improved by believing they are being given something medicinal - even though they may have been given nothing to help them, an effect which has been demonstrated in science.

Or maybe the waters do have some earthly medicinal properties which can help the sick.

 St Winefride’s Well. Wales 

St Winefride’s Well is the most famous of a Welsh healing wells and according to tradition, the waters have been flowing here for nearly 1,300 years. It has a long history of claims the holy waters have the power to cure the sick.

Touted as the Lourdes of Wales, crutches from those that were said to have been healed of their ailments are on display in the exhibition centre at the Holywell pilgrimage site. She immediately screamed and then began to take particular interest in a yellow blouse worn by one of our visitors. The cure is even confirmed by the priest at St Winefride’s.

In November 1925 the Manchester Guardian carried a story about a woman called Anne Vesey who said she had been a cripple for years and was incurable, but could walk again after being immersed in the waters at the holy site. She claimed she felt better after the first immersion and realised she could walk without her crutches.

holy well

And in July 1933, the Flintshire Observer told how a girl from Chorley had allegedly been cured of a blood clot on her knee, which left it badly swollen and her having to walk with a stick.

According to the legend, St Winefride’s Well erupted at the spot where her would be rapist Caradog cut off her head with his sword. But restored to life at the prayers of her uncle St Beuno, she lived as a nun until her second death 22 years later.

However whatever the truth is behind the legend, Winefride was a real person and a striking personality in the 7th Century which saw her become venerated as a saint and her well at Holywell a site of pilgrimage for centuries after.

Glastonbury's Chalice Well. England

Legend has it that the Chalice Well — which is actually two springs known as the "red" and the "white" — was built by the Druids of the Old Religion and provided a bridge between the Underworld and Upper Earth.

Joseph of Arimathea is said to have hidden the Chalice, or Holy Grail — the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper — in one of the springs that feeds this well.

holy well healing

Within the Chalice Well Gardens, the spring flows down through a series of forms into a stone receptacle in the shape of two identical, intersecting circles. This shape, when the circumferance of one circle goes through the center of the other, is found in the stonework throughout the Chalice Well Gardens.

As those familiar with Sacred Geometry will know, the space between two such circles is called a vesica piscis and, by extending the arcs slightly at one end to make the "tail," it creates the form of the Christian fish — the fundamental sacred symbol of the past two thousand years. Indeed, "piscis" is the Latin word for fish.

The Chalice Well's Red Spring really is reddish in color, and tastes strongly of the iron that causes this pigmentation. The iron is said to symbolize the iron nails used in the Crucifixion, while the red color symbolizes the Holy Blood.

According to the Chalice Well guardians, the Red Spring is for physical healing, and the White Spring imparts a spiritual quality.

Water gushes into the Chalice Well at the rate of twenty-five thousand gallons each day. Even in times of great drought, these wells have historically continued to produce the same amount of water each day. The people of Glastonbury never go thirsty.

Spring of St. Anna. Ukraine

The healing features of spring water in the St. Anna spring have been recognized since 16th century. There are several legends that explain how the spring and church appeared in this place.

Legend 1

The first legend is about a former owner of the village Onyshkivtsi, whose name was Skorbnyk. He was seriously ill and spent a lot of money on doctor visits. Fearing for his life and no longer relying on human help, he finally asked God for help. Shedding many tears, he prayed to theVirgin Mary from his home. Skorbnyk asked for the forgiveness of his sins and healing of his disease. In a dream, he saw the Virgin Mary and promised her he would build a small chapel after he becomes healthy again. She pointed to a place where the chapel should be erected.

st anna holy well

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary was sighted at that exact place. The Virgin Mary ordered Skorbnyk to take the icon he was praying to when his healing was received, and place it in the chapel. After his healing, Skorbnyk immediately built a chapel on the specified location and moved there with a procession from his house. Shortly thereafter, Skorbnyk presented the village of Onyschkivtsi to another owner and moved to different village. When Skorbnyk was moving, he wanted to take his beloved icon with him, so he sent a boy to the chapel to retrieve it. With the icon of St. Anna in hand, the boy attempted to leave the chapel, however, an invisible force blocked the exit. The boy was terrified and could not move. In tears, he placed the icon back in the exact spot he had taken it from. The news of this miracle spread quickly and many people started to come with a hope of healing.

Legend 2

The second legend is slightly different. It was said that long ago, at the place where the spring is, there was a church. When the land suffered devastating attacks from the Tatars, the church was destroyed, but remained at the same place as if it were hiding somewhere underground. In time, Onyshkivtsi rebuilt the church, however, a miracle took place at the location of the old chapel. Sightings of the icon of St. Anna appeared first to the children-shepherds. The farmers gathered where the sightings had taken place and brought the icon to the new church. However, the next day the icon appeared back in the place where it was originally found, which happened to be the site of the old church. Local people attempted to bring it back to the new church, this time with all the rituals. But again, the very next day, the icon had reappeared at its original location. It became clear to the people that Saint Anna herself had chosen this place. As a result of this revelation, a chapel was built in the location St. Anna had chosen and soon after, the healing spring appeared.

Waters healing power

Water temperature in the spring is always 6С (43F) degrees, regardless of the weather conditions.

healing water

One of the secrets of healing springs is the presence of silver and flint in the water. Silver ions have antibacterial features. Organic remains of flint are capable of processing light energy in the tens of thousands of times the speed of regenerating reactions. Normal tap water, processed through flint, becomes healthier and can be preserved for many years. Flint water is bactericidal. It destroys the influenza virus, quickly stops external bleeding, soothes a toothache, is effective for angina and running nose, paradontosis, and eliminates heartburn.

It is also effective for chronic diseases of stomach and duodenum. Flint water can reduce the sugar level in blood, eliminate sand from the kidney and gall bladder, affect the normalization of liver and kidney functions, improve metabolism, and significantly improve the overall health. It has also been said that water from St. Anna spring can heal women from sterility.

The Shrine at Lourdes. France

The spring was discovered by St. Bernadette Soubirous during one of the apparitions, on February 25, 1858. Bernadette was told to by Our Lady "go drink at the spring and wash yourself there". Shortly after the first pilgrimages began Louis Bouriette was cured. He had lost his vision and washed in the miraculous water where he regained his vision.

healing water

 On April 24, 1858 work was carried out to build a pool to capture the miraculous water. Later water was channeled and a 450,000 liter reservoir was built below the basilicas, this now feeds many small fountains. During pilgrimage many pilgrims follow the instruction of Our Lady of Lourdes to "drink the spring water and wash there".

 The baths at Lourdes were built in 1955, today hundreds of people immerse themselves each day in the Lourdes Water, including both the sick and healthy.

 As many as 2,500 unexplained healings have been recorded since the first healing, of Catherine Latapie on March 1, 1858. However this is just a small percentage of the unexplained healings which remain unrecorded.

The Healing Well at Tlacote. Mexico

 Jésus Chahin, a Mexican ranch owner, discovered the healing well in Tlacote. His dog, who had been wounded, drank the water and his wounds disappeared.

After testing the water on ranch workers, Chahin opened the well to the public. Several million people have visited the ranch and used the water for healing purposes since that time. Many healing stories have been documented through the medical records kept on the ranch.

Plants and trees also benefit from the water. The water from the well was found to be lighter than "normal" or conventional water. When measured in kilograms per liter, it was found to be 44 grams lighter.

Since May 1991, Maitreye has been producing “miracle water,” which is believed to have the cure for just about every ailment, including AIDS and cancer. Waiting for the chance to experience a miracle, a line of people often stretched for over a mile on a dusty road in the little town of Tlacote, Mexico.  The well was discovered by Jesus Chahin, who observed its healing properties and has since been giving the water away which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.

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