Schumann Resonance: How To Tune Your Body To Earth’s Natural Rhythm

February 16, 2021

Schumann Resonance: How To Tune Your Body To Earth’s Natural Rhythm

What are Schumann Resonances?

It is interesting to note that the Earth can be compared to an electrical circuit of enormous size. As such, there is a huge amount of electrical activity happening between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere, as shown by how there are approximately 2,000 lightning storms at any given moment. Some of this electrical activity happens in the form of Schumann resonances, which are standing waves of electricity created when the electromagnetic waves are either as long or even longer than the circumference of the Earth. This matters because these electromagnetic waves hit themselves in such a manner that their crests and troughs are brought into alignment, thus boosting the original signal.

There have been proposals to rename Schumann resonances to Schumann-Fitzgerald resonances. This is because George Fitzgerald proposed that the atmosphere was a good conductor in 1893, with the result that he was able to predict the lowest mode of the phenomenon. However, Fitzgerald's proposal received little interest in his time. As such, Schumann resonances are most associated with Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted their existence before attempting to detect them in the 1950s. Since that time, other researchers have continued to look into the phenomenon as a part of the general effort to understand the natural forces that were once unknown to us.

Influence Schumann Resonances on Human Health and Behaviour

Upon discovering that the fundamental Schumann frequency of 7.83Hz is very close to that of human alpha wave rhythms, Schumann’s doctoral student Herbert König was one of the first modern researchers to associate Schumann resonance with human bioactivity.

Centuries before König, though, ancient Indian Rishis also knew about it, enhancing it with the isochronic tonal frequencies of the sound ‘OM’. In fact, plenty of anthropological evidence suggests humans of all cultures have, over the millennia, attempted to achieve trance states by synchronizing with planetary resonances, before even knowing precisely what those were. This was done through various rituals like shamanic drumming and dancing, or religious behaviours such as bobbing and swaying during prayer.

For an example, consider Muslim prayer, which was revealed by researchers to increase alpha waves in certain parts of the brain as well as increase high frequency of heart rate variability. Findings were similar to other studies documenting increased alpha amplitude in parietal and occipital regions during meditation and mental concentration. The incidence of increased alpha amplitude suggested parasympathetic activation, thus indicating a state of relaxation.

How to Align your Vibration to Resonate with the Earth

The whole universe is vibrating with energy and this energy vibrates at various frequencies. Rocks, emotions, people and even planets differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational frequency. Tuning the body to these frequencies can bring a phenomenal change in personality and this can be achieved by the frequencies generated from prayers, chants or mantras.

Essentially, the idea to use such practices to bring yourself into harmony with the universe that exists around you, provides you with a sense of peace as well as other benefits for your personal well-being.

Several studies were conducted, where people were shielded from the naturally occurring Schumann resonance frequency, which resulted in disruption of circadian rhythms causing health effects such as migraine, headache and emotional stress which was restored when the subjects were re-exposed to this frequency. Meditators, healers, religious, mystics and natural psychics routinely use the technique of resonance, by focusing attention on physical objects and icons by allowing intuitive perceptions to enter a state of conscious awareness. The experience is an altered sense of space-time with closure of self and a unified sense of relationship with all that exists through the balance of the resonating frequencies between the cells, the body, the earth and the universe.

Here are some enlightening tips to support alignment to the shifts in energetic Shumann Resonance:

  • Get yourself into nature more often. Get the shoes off, connecting with Earth’s heartbeat through your bare feet.
  • Bring mother earth and nature inside your home. Items such as plants, crystals, minerals, salt lamps, and high quality essential oils are all excellent examples of re-establishing your connection back to your roots.
  • Burn incense with windows and doors open to encourage regeneration of energy within confined or closed spaces.
  • Get more rest and more regularly!
  • Be mindful or meditate, chant mantras/prayers each day.


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