Spiritual Effect Of Wearing Jewellery

July 10, 2017

Spiritual Effect Of Wearing Jewellery

Jewelry is certainly an important part of every modern society. But have you ever thought that wearing a piece of jewelry may have some spiritual effect on your personality? Most of the precious gems like ruby, emerald, pearl, and others have some great significance. In fact, even the kind of metals used in making the jewelry plays a pivotal role.

If we look back in history, we will note that jewelry formed an indispensable part of every ancient civilization. Our ancestors wore jewelry not for its appeal but mainly for its effect. Jewelry, an intimate accessory has been associated with protection, spiritual, physical, and emotional state.

Most of us believe in the high power or supreme power. The level of this power differs from person to person and his/her thoughts. While some of us can get spiritual benefits from jewelry, there may be others who cannot. These beneficial properties include protection from negative energies like ghosts and demons, absorption of Divine consciousness, decreasing of black energy in our body by infusing some good energy and healing with the help of acupressure therapy (where certain body points are pressed to remove negative energy). 

Type of Metal

The kind of metal used in creating the jewelry determines the amount of spiritual benefits it can have on the wearer. The divine consciousness of each type of metal is different. The most sattvik or pure metal is gold which is followed by silver.

As per the spiritual science, gold jewelry must be worn above the waist because it protects us from intense negative energies like a ghost, devils, etc. It also helps in enabling the chakras (subtle energy centers that are aligned with the primary organs of our body) above the waist to absorb positive energies. Similarly, silver jewelry must be worn below the waist like anklets to protect the lower level negative energies and to imbibe the waves of desire.


Ornaments embellished with precious gems helps in attracting the five Cosmic Principles or Panchatattva (air, water, earth, ether, and fire) with which the world has been created. The gems also play a significant role in channelizing the spiritual emotion of the person.

Type of Gems

Just like the kind of metal, even the kind of gems or precious stones you wear play a significant role in imbibing the spiritual benefits. Precious stones like ruby, sapphire, coral, diamond, and emerald absorb the subtle rays coming from the Sun, moon and other celestial bodies and divinity is transferred to the wearer when the rays interact with the Panchatattva.

Type of gem

     Effect on the person


Provides protection and energy to the gross body (sthūladēha)


Purifies the gross and mental body (manodēha). It is associated with the Absolute Fire Principle.


Kindles the Divine consciousness in the body in the form of vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti). It increases enthusiasm in the person to perform various activities.


Enables the person to have more alertness and joyous nature due to continuously activating Divine consciousness in the body. It is associated with the Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva).


Keeps consistency in the unmanifest ̣ Divine Energy Principle.


Role of Jewelry on Different Body Parts

We love to accessorize our body parts with various types of jewelry. Every part of our body is associated with a specific chakra or central point which is connected to a particular organ of our body. Divine consciousness is awakened when the jewelry purifies and stimulates the chakra.

The effect of these ornaments on our spiritual health differs from one body part to another. Gold is subtle yet quite distinctive metal. It is known to emit warm energy that surrounds the body with soothing vibrations. In ancient ages, gold was believed to have healing properties.


Wearing a gold ring on the ring finger helps in attracting Higher consciousness which builds up pressure on the finger leading to acupressure. It also helps in reducing black or negative energy and helps in attaining divine power.


It is most beneficial to wear the ring on the ring finger, followed by the middle finger. For spiritual benefit, women can wear rings on the left hand while men can wear rings on the right hand.



Similarly, wearing earrings are not meant for mere decoration. The earrings are said to have acupressure effect on the wearers’ body. In ancient China, it was believed that earrings helped in surrounding the person with happiness, perseverance, and patience. 



Wearing a necklace or a chain around the neck helps in attracting divine consciousness and helps in removing negative energy from the surrounding environment. It protects the wearer from negative energy like demons and witches.




Wrist jewelry is quite charming, and their history takes us back to almost 5000 BE. Some wrist gemstones on left-hand help in controlling stress, wearing them on right-hand wrist assist in increasing the productivity and controlling of energies. It is believed that women are showered with luck and protection if they wear gem jewelry on their left wrist while they gain confidence and prosperity by wearing it on the right wrist.

The spiritual effects of the wrist jewelry help in the attraction of divine consciousness and creates a protective environment around the hand. It also draws the principle of sun destiny which creates a savior energy.

Purifying the Jewelry

The jewelry that we wear helps in protecting us from harmful energy. The negative energies like the ghosts and devils are believed to attack the jewelry first before attacking us. Hence, it is important to purify the ornaments to remove the negative energy regularly.

Jewelry can be cleaned by using the five cosmic principles.  Applying holy ash like those from incense sticks uses the fire principle while blowing the holy ash on the jewelry or by letting the smoke from incense sticks touch them uses the air principle. Keeping the ornaments in an empty box for some time uses the ether principle while washing them with holy water uses the water principle.

So, the next time you go jewelry shopping, make sure that you derive the spiritual benefit to generate positive energy within you.


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