Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

August 20, 2019

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas season is all about giving and spreading love. Why not to take this opportunity to show your family and friends that they are loved and cared for.

When it comes to picking a gift for your loved ones you want to get something they’ll really appreciate and remember you by. 

Here are some gift ideas to help you choose the perfect present.

 1. LED Light Decorations

 3d galaxy bulb

Surprise your friends by choosing something from our sparkling range of decorative lights which will add a seasonal glow to any room. We've got everything from LED bulbs and light strings to twinkling light jars and bottles to instantly brighten up any home for stylish Christmas decor. Every minute they spend tending to decorative lighting will remind them of you.

 2.  Hanging Decorations

hanging christmas decoration 

Hanging decorations is one of the most special parts of Christmas, we have a terrific collection of traditional and unique items to make any home look fabulous.

There is everything from delicate looking personalised baubles to hang on the Christmas tree to rustic decorations that really give winter wonderland feel.

 3. Ornaments and Figurines

 angel christmas

Our Christmas figurines and ornaments are perfect for modern homes with minimalist decor and in the same time look fabulous in cosy rooms. Some of the items can be customized for the personal preferences of that special someone, thus ensuring the best reception to make your love and appreciation that much stronger.

 4. Glasses and Mugs

 christmas mug

Anyone can have their drink in style with our great selection of Christmas themed mugs and glasses. Whatever their drink of choice, whether it be tea, coffee or wine is sure to brighten up their daily brew. Our unique mugs and glasses make perfect home for the favourite drinks, but most important they make an exceptional present particularly since the recipient will think of the giver whenever they take a sip from their gift.

 5. Jewellery and Watches


Giving a beautiful piece of jewellery is a thoughtful way to treat someone special in your life, and Christmas is a great time of the year to give a memorable gift that will last beyond the season.

Whether you like to say I love you in 100 languages by choosing an eye catching projection pendant necklace or personalise elegant watch with special message both will make a unique gift that will be worn and treasured for years to come.

6. Advents Calendars

 advent calendar

Advent calendar will no doubt make an amazing gift for a loved one - or something nice for yourself to enjoy during the hectic lead up to Christmas. Well made personalised felt advent calendar is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard advent calendars.

 7. Soft Toys

 teddy bear

A cuddle from cute soft toy is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face every time, rain or shine. The recipients are sure to smile when see these cute toys displayed in their room.

8. Candles and Candleholders

 christmas candle

Christmas candles and candleholders are ideal gifts at this special time of year, and an essential accessory for setting a perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Personalised candles are also great way to say thank you, so go on treat someone by giving them a unique keepsake.

9. Bags and Sacks

 christmas sack

If Christmas is a time for treats, then this has to be one of the ultimate ones. Putting gifts into Christmas sack to present to kids or other family members is the great way of making giving gifts ceremony more exiting and memorable.

10. Clothing and Accessories

 christmas tshirt

Christmas themed t-shirts, socks with funny slogans or other festive clothing will help your family and friends stay cool and festive during Christmas season. Choose from an array of our fantastic designs to get into holiday spirit.


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