Why Should You Be Interested In Obsidian Pendants?

March 05, 2019

Why Should You Be Interested In Obsidian Pendants?

Obsidian has been seen as a magical material for centuries and centuries. This is unsurprising, seeing as how the volcanic glass shines with inner light, thus providing it with a mysterious allure that has caused it to be associated with healing as well as other powerful purposes. On top of this, it should be mentioned that obsidian can be carved into a remarkable range of shapes with moving symbolism, which makes it even more suitable for a wide range of wearers out there.

1. Wolf

obsidian pendant wolf

Wolves have played an important part in the human imagination for a very long time. In the past, settled cultures tended to put more of an emphasis on their negative characteristics, but in the present time, there has been an incredible upsurge of enthusiasm for said creatures. Whatever the case, the wolf's status as an outstanding hunter has turned it into a symbol of strength, thus making an obsidian wolf pendant an excellent choice for people who want to borrow something of that power. This is true whether said individuals want something simple and straightforward or something more abstract such as the Chinese symbol for wolf.

2. Dragon

obsidian pendant dragon

There are a wide range of dragons out there, which in turn, means that there are a wide range of interpretations for such symbols. Over in the East, it is common for dragons to symbolize power, excellence, and good fortune because of their role in regulating the life-giving rain, which should be enough to make the obsidian dragon meaning clear. In any case, whether people want a dragon yin yang necklace or some other protective dragon accessory, they shouldn't hesitate to check out what we have to offer.

3. Buddha

buddha obsidian pendant

Black is sometimes counted as one of the colours of Buddhism, thus making obsidian a suitable choice of material for a Buddhist pendant, a Buddhist necklace, or some other example of Buddhist symbol jewelry. For those who are curious, black can be symbolic of sin. However, it isn't something to avoid. Instead, it is a useful reminder of that which must be overcome, thus making it a source of Buddha charm meaning and Buddhist charm meaning. Naturally, whether people want a representation of the Five Dhyani Buddhas or are interested in delving into Thai Buddha pendant meaning and Thai Buddha necklace wearing, we have suitable jewelry for their particular interests.

4. Elephant

elephant obsidian pendant

The elephant is respected as a symbol of wisdom in both Asia and Africa. However, that wisdom is combined with an acknowledgement of its incredible strength, thus making it that much more impressive when worn as either a necklace, a pendant, or some other piece of jewelry.

5. Yin Yang

yin yang pendant

Whether rendered in obsidian or some other material, the taijitu is a reminder of balance. The black swirl represents yin while the white swirl represents yang. However, there is a white dot in the black swirl just as how there is a black dot in the white swirl, which serve to remind us that there is always a measure of yang in yin just as how there is always a measure of yin in yang.

6. Fox

fox obsidian pendant

Sometimes, foxes are benevolent creatures. Other times, not so much. However, what is always true is that foxes represent cleverness, meaning that people who want to borrow something of their remarkable ability to work their way through thorny situations would do well to wear such a symbol.

7. Fish Happy Reunion

fish reunion obsidian pendant

This particular pendant bears the unmistakable image of the two carps that play such an important role in Buddhist symbolism. In short, the carps are supposed to represent sentient beings that have been freed from the fear of succumbing to the chain of being, making it a very happy as well as a very auspicious symbol.

8. Star of David

star of david obsidian pendant

Most people will be most familiar with the hexagram as the Star of David. However, it is interesting to note that it has other meanings in other cultures as well, with examples ranging from a representation of Creation to a representation of unconditional love.

9. Sphere Rainbow

rainbow obsidian pendant

Under certain circumstances, obsidian can reveal a brilliant range of colors when exposed to the light. For proof, look no further than this obsidian sphere pendant that can shine with rainbow colors.

10. Ganesh

ganesh obsidian pendant

Elephant-headed Ganesh is a god of the intellect who serves as a patron of the arts and sciences as well as a remover of the obstacles that can hinder people from fulfilling their true potential. As such, when it comes to symbols of good luck and other good things, there are very few that can match representations of Ganesh.

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