Chakra Stones Kit with Crystal


Using this natural stones set with crystal may help balancing all your 7 chakras. Each chakra has a corresponding mineral or crystal with its own energetic resonance.

When your energy and the energy of the crystal works together, that energy can open blocked chakras.

Main 7 chakras are:

  • Root – base of spine – Muladhara – red
  • Sacral – below the naval – Svadisthana – orange
  • Solar Plexus – above navel – Manipura — yellow
  • Heart – heart, center of chest – Anahata — green
  • Throat – throat – Visuddha —blue
  • 3rd eye — at forehead between the eyes — Ajna — indigo
  • Crown— top of head — Sahasrara — violet

Product Details:

  • Made from assorted natural gemstones and either shaped or polished to enhance the natural colours and features
  • Dimensions: Height 1-2cm Width 1-1.5cm Depth 0.5-1cm Bag 9x6cm
  • A great gift or souvenir idea
  • Balances the body's 7 Chakras
  • Please note that the colours and variety included may vary

Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 2 - 3 Business Days (Ships Separately)

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