Buddhist Bodhisattva Pu-Xian Adi-Buddha Glass Statue

Buddhist Bodhisattva Pu-Xian Adi-Buddha Glass Statue

Bodhisattva Pu-Xian also known as Samantabhadra is the Buddhist deity of truth and patron on the Mount Emei in Western China. 

Pu-Xian is the personification of love, sacred activity, diligent training and patience. In the Chinese Buddhism it is seen in the triad with Kuan Shih Yin (Compassion) and Wen-Shu (Wisdom) as the Three Precious Bodhisattvas whose qualities make up the Buddha's Essence.

This beautiful glass statue of Pu-Xian shows the deity seated on the elephant and holding a lotus flower in the hand. The elephant is crouched down and possesses a head with six tusks. It is believed that six-tusked elephant was a symbol of luck and auspicious in ancient India.

Product details:

Decoration object

Made of Crystal Glass

Hand polished

Size: 12 x 6 cm

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