Decorative Reed Diffuser Buddha Jar (Set of 4) Assorted Colours

Dimensions: H: 12.5 cm; W: 9 cm; D: 5 cm

Scent your home with this stylish Buddha-themed diffuser set! 

It can be also be used as small vase or decorative ornament.

Reed diffusers will give you a scent that’s longer-lasting than a candle and, with no flames in the mix, more practical.

You will need to purchase reeds/sticks and ready made reed diffuser oils or make your own using a mixture of base and essential oils.  Place the diffuser oil into the jar, and add your reeds to fragrance all the different rooms of your home or office.

This beautiful soapstone range with Buddha cut-out details is made in Agra, India.

Agra is the traditional centre for Indian soapstone production.

The stone is a natural product which is sanded under water to produce the smooth finish. Dyes are then applied to the stone before the designs are hand etched onto the finished product. Beautiful designs featured on these amazing colours.

Please note: the set does not come with reeds or fragrance oils

Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)


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