Eye Of Horus Ancient Egyptian Amulet Pendant Necklace

Eye Of Horus Ancient Egyptian Amulet Pendant Necklace

This beautifully made Eye of Horus charm is one of the most popular amulets from ancient Egypt and is the representation of the healed eye of the God Horus. It is a combination of a human and a falcon eye because Horus was associated with a falcon.

Ancient Egyptians believe that Horus’ eye was injured or stolen by the god Seth. It was later restored by Thoth. The Horus’ eye is thought to possess healing power and symbolizes rebirth. It is thought to protect and transfer its power of regeneration onto the wearer. It is used by the living as well as for the dead.

There are two types of Horus’ eye amulet; one facing right and the other facing left. In conjunction, both the eyes represent the twin Eyes of Hours, indicating eyes of the sun and the moon or the god of Ra and Osiris, in mythological terms.(read more)

Product details:

Item type: pendant necklace

Metal type: zinc alloy

Colours: silver / bronze / gold

Pendant size: 27 x 33 mm

Chain length: 45 cm

Shipping: Worldwide Service - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Processing Time: 5 Business Days (Ships Separately)

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery

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