Gold Effect Thai Buddha Statue With Begging Bowl

Gold Effect Thai Buddha Statue With Begging Bowl

This antique style with gold finish Buddha figurine with begging bowl will add peace and tranquility to your home as well as an exotic, luxe vibe. It makes a wonderful gift for spiritually-minded friends.

People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, use Buddha statues to bring positive energy into a room. 

Begging Bowl 

The Begging bowl refers to a story shortly before Buddha reached enlightenment. Buddha met a woman named Sujata who offered him a bowl of milk rice. The Buddha, at that point of time was practicing austerity (the condition of living without things that are not necessary), and therefore ate very little. However, he realised that without food, he will not have the energy to continue on his path to enlightenment. For that reason, he took some milk rice. As soon as the Buddha attained enlightenment, he discarded the rest of the food that was left. The begging bowl; is therefore a symbol of an extremely important Buddhist principle – to find a balance between extreme austerity and complete attachment. The begging bowl also stands for the monk’s way of life, which is living off what is being given to him by the common people.    

Product details:

  • Made of resin 
  • Height 33cm
  • Width 23cm
  • Depth 18cm

Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)

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