Shakyamuni Buddha Yellow Glass Statue

Yellow Shakyamuni Buddha Glass Statue

This elegant decorative yellow glass statue depicts Buddha sitting on a round lotus with the right hand is held facing downward with fingers extended toward the ground, palm facing outward toward the viewer, a bowl of herbs rests in the left hand upon the lap. This type of statue called Medicine Buddha, who is venerated by those seeking health, and is more commonly found in the Buddhist temples and communities of Nepal and Tibet. (read more)

Shakyamuni Buddha is a name given to the historical Buddha, especially in Mahayana Buddhism. So it's nearly always the case that when someone is talking about Shakyamuni, he or she is speaking of the historical figure who was born Siddhartha Gautama but then became known as Shakyamuni only after he became the Buddha. This person, after his enlightenment, is also sometimes called Gautama Buddha.

Yellow colour in Tibetan Buddhism symbolizes renunciation. Because it is also the colour of the earth, yellow denotes stability and grounded nature. It is a sign of humility. 

Product details:

Decoration object

Made of Crystal Glass

Hand polished

Size: 12 x 6 cm

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