Small Buddha Figurine/ Tea Pet Purple Ceramic Incense Burner

This nicely designed small Buddha incense burner is a great object of decoration, it radiates the feeling of peace and calmness. 

A symbol of peace and freedom from suffering, the Buddha decorative incense burner makes an excellent gift for the Buddhist practitioner and those who enjoy Buddhist symbols. 

Placing a Buddha statue or image in your home can attract positive chi energy.

Incense Burning

The calming effects of incense was discovered by ancient cultures. The natural fragrance of incense removes the stress and heals the spirit. Mesmerizing aromas create a sense of joy and uplift the mood. Recent study suggests that pleasant odour from burning incense may have antidepressant-like effect. (read more)

Product details: 

  • Made of ceramic 

  • Size:5cm x 5cm x 5cm


Processing Time: 5 Business Days (Ships Separately)

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery

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