Volcanic Protective Obsidian Dragon Pendant Necklace Hand Carved

Volcanic Protective Obsidian Dragon Pendant Necklace

This hand carved black obsidian Dragon pendant is believed to possess healing powers shielding the wearer of negative or unwanted energy.


Obsidian has been seen as a magical material for centuries and centuries. This is unsurprising, seeing as how the volcanic glass shines with inner light, thus providing it with a mysterious allure that has caused it to be associated with healing as well as other powerful purposes. On top of this, it should be mentioned that obsidian can be carved into a remarkable range of shapes with moving symbolism, which makes it even more suitable for a wide range of wearers out there.


There are a wide range of dragons out there, which in turn, means that there are a wide range of interpretations for such symbols. Over in the East, it is common for dragons to symbolize power, excellence, and good fortune because of their role in regulating the life-giving rain, which should be enough to make the obsidian dragon meaning clear.

Item Details:

      • Material: Obsidian 
      • Gender: Unisex
      • Necklace Length: 63cm + ( Adjustable )
      • Pendant Size: 5.3X3.8X1.3cm


Shipping: Worldwide Service

Processing Time: 2-3 Business Days (Ships Separately)

Delivery takes 2-4 weeks 


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